Interview for radio Solent

Building the kitchenette

Graham and Russell wiring the social shed

The decking completed

Roof completed with skylights

Felting the workshop roof

Steve cutting out the holes for the skylights

Preparing the roof t&G boards

The workshop roof

Building the workshop

Ready for the T&G boards

Starting on the social shed roof

and from the other side

The social shed build in progress

Store shed completed; ready to start on the social shed

Starting the store shed build

They've arrived

Ready for the arrival of the sheds

The base is coming on


Taking a break

Starting to build the shed base

Refurbished cabinet

Refurbished garden bench

2016 Xmas Party

2016 Xmas Party

2016 Xmas Party

2016 Xmas Party

Colden Common Xmas Fair

At Bovington tank museum

At Bovington tank museum

Refurbished Garden Table

The prototype Owl House

AGM August 2016

On the tour at the Mini plant

On the tour at the Mini plant

Chris turning a handle

New stopper for Adrian's bee smoker

Glass Crafting Workshop

Ready for 'Clean for the Queen'

Initial batch of Hedgehog Homes

Chip & dust collector in operation

First veg trug

Xmas decorations completed

Chris making Xmas decorations

Adrian making Xmas decorations

David & Chris draught proofing the door

Steve checking out the computer

Lighting & power wiring complete & signed off

John the Treasurer hard at work

Peter fitting the wall light pelmets

Steve painting the new ceiling

Job done

Making progress painting the floor

The Pavilion Kitchen

The Pavilion looking towards changing rooms

The Pavilion looking towards the kitchen

The Shed looking into the workshop

The Shed from the carpark